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The MLB is a professional baseball leage, otherwise known as the Major League Baseball– and as such, they must adhere to the MLB constitution. Contrary to popular belief, the MLB is not the baseball players, nor the teams– the baseball teams are only part of the MLB. The organization itself delves more into marketing and business politics than anything else; in addition, they are the organization that hires the umpires and negotiates with cable channels to get their games aired. Because they deal with labor and advertising, they have a peculiar form of control of baseball; including the minor league.

The MLB has many people holding the positions that traditional companies offer; such as the executive, chief of operations, human resources and finances. Each internal branch is overseen by a president, who ensures that their branch is running as smoothly as possible. Though a few of the branches, such as operations and baseball operations, may seem to be redundant, but they are not, as both branches do vastly different things. The productions section deals solely with traditionally broadcasted programs, while the multimedia team handles and maintains the MLB website– many of the groups work in tandem with each other, as one group compliments another.

The MLB collectively owns numerius teams and as such, they have complete control over when the next game will be played- and what channel it will be played on. Like any large corporation, the league is the people who work behind the scenes to make sure that their teams and all other parties involved do as they are directed: without the league, the teams would just be groups of baseball players.

While the league may seem to be very controlling to some people, they make it so the baseball teams do not have to worry about their own advertising campaigns or TV channel negotiations. Unlike most typical bosses, the MLB does the hard part, including bookkeeping, while the teams they signed do what they do best: play baseball.

Baseball players are informed of what games they are going to be playing, where and when, once the league creates their schedules. They also make sure that the players get fair pay– and secure decent lodging for their teams, when it is needed. In short, the league is not that much different than a musician’s recording agent or band manager. As they are a management team, they rarely ever have dealings with the games or even ticket sales, once the game seems to be going well.

Negotiating contracts for television is something that the baseball teams would not be able to do on their own. The MLB schedules meetings or conferences with station executives and will outline the terms for one of their games to be played on that channel. Negotiations can be rather difficult and time consuming; if the teams tried to negotiate their own pay and contract, they would not have enough time to play.

Though the MLB does indict several teams into their league, those teams are not coached by the league itself. Rather, they are viewed as being part of the MLB brand; the teams are the organization’s figureheads and labels, so to speak. People are more likely to trust and watch a game between MLB owned teams than unsigned college baseball teams, because everyone recognizes the standards sat by the league.

Everyone knows that it is easy to purchase MLB sanctioned merchandise– what they do not realize is that the merchandise is designed by an inside team of designers, rather than the baseball teams. However, the funds do directly benefit the teams that the league is promoting.

When it comes to specials and contracts, team coaches do not have to do anything other than to prepare their teams to play. When a baseball game is viewed on TV with the MLB logo on the screen, people are more likely to watch, because of brand recognition and trust. If the organization was to stop displaying their logo, the game in question would not be viewed by as many people.

Though many people these days do not like knowing that there is a large company or organization behind something they enjoy watching, what they need to realize is that the MLB takes care of the players that it signs. For instance, players receive large amounts of money; the sums are based on the players’ skills and how popular the team is. Forty-three days after being signed by the MLB, a player who decides to retire can begin drawing pension pay.

The league also hosts many fantasy sports games for fans to participate in. What might surprise some people is that even though sports betting is allowed in a fantasy sports game, the MLB sanctions those bets. This ensures that people who win end up receiving all of their winnings, rather than merely a small percentage.

Even though there are several baseball organizations, the MLB is the most well-known and trusted, because they have been around for several decades. They are more than a mere brand, because an MLB fantasy sports game draws more people than a fantasy game overseen by a different organization. They are extremely experienced and as such, they infrequently make mistakes, which lends them an air of superior business proficiency.

The MLB handles more than just baseball, however. The football league is linked to their organization as well and that branch receives the same respect that the original branch does. The organization knows that people are football fans and as such, they appeal to people who enjoy all ball games played in America.

There is more than one organization that manages and oversees different sports teams, but these other organizations are not nearly as respected as the MLB, nor have they been in business as long. The league understands the importance of attracting more sports fans by proving that they are far more reputable than their competitors’ organizations.

Most people do not understand that the league can and does pit two or more of its own teams against each other during certain games; this is done in the name of publicity and gaining a larger following. The larger a team’s fan base is, the more popular that team becomes; so their games will be aired on TV more than other players.

The MLB is a managerial and organizational team that does far more than what the typical baseball player could do. While most players are educated, the organization has the experience to make sure that their operations are carried out in a well-organized and planned manner. Without the league, very few teams would ever be seen on television or heard on the radio; as they would not be managed properly and they would run out of funds in a very short time frame.


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