About Kenny Powers – The MLB King

There are many sides to Kenny Powers. He is an inspiration to many who follow professional baseball on the field, and online. He is the embodiment of Southern charm and rage on the pitcher’s mound. He is the player every guy wishes he was, and sometimes, is grateful he is not. Kenny Powers, the MLB King is one of the most electrifying and controversial figures in all of baseball history.

The story of Kenny Powers is surrounded by hearsay and rumor. One thing is for sure; he is a star pitcher with an incredible amount of energy for life and stardom. Every backyard pick-up baseball game has the exclamation, “You’re f***ing out” because of Kenny Powers. The MLB King has enjoyed a huge fan base from MLB fantasy players, to religious followers of his in-depth HBO show Eastbound & Down. Kenny IS baseball. He hails from the backwoods of South Carolina, refined a unique pitching style, and now uses his talent to enhance all aspects of professional baseball.

Major League Inspiration And Promotion

Kenny Powers, aka Danny McBride, has turned the MLB-loving crowd on their heads. Comic at first, but loveable at the end; Kenny Powers is backed by none other than the Mark Twain Prize winner himself Will Ferrell. Early in his career, Farrell mimicked several MLB players and their unique ways of communicating with the public. The popularity of these homages resulted in a permanent on-screen presence of the most irreverent pitcher to ever occupy a major league mound.

Some say that Kenny Powers is a genuine reflection of John Rocker. Rocker was the infamous pitcher for the Atlanta Braves who made strikingly offensive comments about other teams. Every time John Rocker spoke on camera, he offended somebody. It was, however OK, because Rocker “Rock’d” the game and had a southern charm that no fan could ignore. It is a fact that the real John Rocker and the persona of Kenny Powers were born in the same small South Carolina town, in the same hospital just two years apart. How is that for genuine Major League Baseball serendipity?

An American stuntman with a long list of Hollywood features was also named Kenny Powers, but the jury is out on whether there is any connection between him and Kenny Powers, the MLB King.

MLB Championship Looks And Grace

Kenny Powers is an undeniably unique personality. He approaches baseball the same way a South Carolina hunter would approach a trophy warthog. There is no question that he dominates! On his hit HBO program Eastbound & Down, Powers unabashedly reveals every side of his personality. Though he is day-jobbing as a Physical Education instructor, he takes every opportunity to teach students, and a viewing audience, about the intensity necessary to make it in the Big Leagues. That is exactly what he is working toward—a reemergence as a top-rated MLB pitcher.

In a popular culture where fancy designer gear and politically correct language is preferred, Kenny Powers bucks all trends. Just like the Brave’s John Rocker, Powers sees strength and inspiration in speaking his mind. In his award-winning series Eastbound & Down, his fan base gets an uncensored look into the true thoughts and actions of Kenny Powers. He is the King of the MLB precisely because unlike other players, he believes fans deserve a truthful vantage point into what it takes to make it professional baseball.

Many MLB players try to adopt the Kenny Powers look, but fall short. They don’t wear the trademark beer belly, goatee and mullet with the same confidence as Kenny Powers. Kenny considers his look to be a hard-earned set of trophies that no other player can claim. His mullet is extra curly and just the right shoulder length. His goatee has been a permanent work-in-progress since Junior High, and the beer belly only serves to give him pitching momentum on the mound. “Pride” just might be Kenny Power’s middle name, but he keeps that a secret.

Glory From Unlikely Places

In his undying quest to be rediscovered by major league scouts, Kenny Powers is presently pitching for a team in his home state—the Myrtle Beach Mermen. This organization is filled with players who adequately recognize his talent, and are willing to ignore his brushes with the law. Kenny Powers is a backwoods pitcher by day, and a retail worker on other days. The balance is a precisely-organized plan to rebuild his reputation as Major League material. Since the Myrtle Beach Mermen are a loose affiliate of professional baseball teams in the south, his brand of play could become the next phenomenon in pitching.

The Mermen have won a few and lost a few. Their unofficial and maliciously verbal team captain never fails to mingle his non-baseball life with the intimate details of each game. He has even been fortunate enough to be considered a potential baseball CEO of K-Swiss. That righteous deal is still in the works. The skills Kenny learns outside of the stadium, he brings with him whenever he puts on a uniform. This is an uncommon and unorthodox way of earning the attention of professional scouts. What the scouts do not understand, is that Kenny is quickly redefining the boundaries of player and spectator behavior. It’s a sideline benefit of delayed greatness!

Fan Emulation

Fantasy baseball is one of Kenny Power’s most vibrant claims to stardom. He figures that if he is being used in fantasy MLB baseball, his skills and desire are adequate for the real show! All over the Internet, fans of Kenny Powers and Eastbound & Down are using virtual players designed with Kenny’s eccentricities to dominate online baseball play. The mullet, the broad stature and the 100 mph fastball are successful in fantasy play, just as Kenny wants to be in real games. There is no mistake that Kenny Powers is a living and breathing MLB king who inspires millions, and is working hard each season to reclaim is rightful place in baseball history.

Yes, Kenny Powers is fictional, but who and what he represents is not! He is the everyman who knows talent and desire is what it takes to succeed. He is the man with no style who doesn’t care, and looks great anyway. He is the potential baseball legend who inspires because he was himself inspired, but has a plan B, C, and D in case that doesn’t pan-out. Sheer confidence is what is needed for baseball success, or the confidence to where a baby blue polyester suit. Kenny Powers is all these things, and can perform in “the clinch” for a team that needs him!


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