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There are many diehard faithful sports fans in the world. If just the experience of watching their favorite team engaged in battle with their opponents weren’t enough, having a few bucks riding on the game makes it even more intense. When bets need to be placed, it is a great idea to make these bets somewhere that pays players back simply for placing their first bet. At, new members may receive a number of bonus opportunity’s including a welcome bonus for signing on with them. Claiming this bonus when signing up with this site is simple and easy when following these steps.

Create Account

The first up to earning the welcome bonus is to create an account on This is done in three easy steps. The first up is to enter all of the required personal information including name, gender, date of birth, and e-mail. This information is vital to assure that the player is of legal betting age and a qualified participant. This will set players up with their own personal account in which they will be able to manage their betting information, make additional deposits, receive payouts, and receive vital information via the e-mail address given in the initial sign up information.

The second step involves entering information regarding the player’s personal account on BetOnline. Information such as a personal password, security answer, and security question are necessary to keep member’s information protected and private. It is advised that players create a unique and uncommon personal password to keep their account information safe and secure. It is also advised that this information be copied and stored somewhere that it can be retrieved easily in the future. This information will be necessary to log in on future visits to

The last section of information that is needed to be recorded in order to create a new account, is the address and telephone number of the account holder. This information is important in the event that the account holder needs to be contacted for any reason including additional promotional offers. Once all of this important information is entered on this page, participants will have finished setting up their account and will be free to make an initial deposit and begin betting.

Deposit Amounts

To be eligible to receive this welcome bonus, players must make a minimum deposit of $10.00 to $1,500.00. These amounts vary according to the means used for the transfer of funds being deposited. Players taking advantage of this promotion are restricted from making withdrawals from this new account within 30 days of the initial activation of this bonus when opening a new account. After 30 days, players are free to collect the winnings on their accounts and re-open a new account. There is a rollover requirement of six times to be eligible for this bonus.

Entering Bonus Code

On the cashier page where payment information is entered, there is a designated area to enter the promotional code to take advantage of the welcome bonus at The promotional code to enter in this space is the word FIRST. Simply type this code into the space available before completing the deposit information and clicking on the area to continue. After this payment and banking information has been processed and the player has met all of the requirements and restrictions, bonuses are paid out to the account. This is dependent on the player following a list of specific qualification criteria.

This criteria involves such things as:

1. Players must have a valid registered new account with BetOnline.
2. New members must enter the word FIRST in the appropriate area on the checkout page. This must be done before checking out of the screen.
3. If an existing player is interested in taking advantage of this welcome bonus, they must use the remaining free plays in their existing account. This must be done before taking advantage of this bonus or claiming new free plays on BetOnline.
4. New players and new accounts must deposit the minimum amount of money required for this bonus according to the players deposit method and each individual payment minimum.
5. Players may only use the pre-designated betting arenas and the correct designated means of betting when placing wagers in order to receive this welcome bonus.
6. Participants must keep this account active for 30 days before attempting to claim a new bonus. After this time period has passed, players are free to open a new account and take advantage of the welcome bonus once again with a new deposit.
7. This account must be rolled over six times to be eligible for this bonus. Players must keep this account active and in use.
8. This bonus can not be transferred to other accounts or players. The pay out for this bonus is restricted to the initial party requesting the account.


1. Players must be fully registered with BetOnline complete with a valid e-mail address and banking information. This includes returning players as well as new betters.
2. There is a generous payback of 25% for the first deposit made by members, but only on the player’s first deposit. The larger the initial deposit, the larger the overall payback will be in the end.
3. The maximum bonus that one is allowed per deposit is $1,000.00. Regardless of payment method for initial deposit, only $1,000.00 is allowed as a maximum bonus.
4. New members must use the promo code “FIRST” when checking out within the cashier and check-out area.
5. These free plays that are earned are not to be used in the Racebook, Casino, Skill Games, Live Betting, or Poker. These free plays are strictly for the sportsbook.
6. These bonuses are non-transferable to other players or accounts. Each bonus is held strictly to the specific account created.
7. Players must deposit the minimum amount of money required to attain this welcome bonus depending on the method of payment venue being utilized.
8. This initial wager can not be made via Book-to-book method.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions concerning this promotion may be amended or altered at any time without notice by BetOnline. We reserve the right to alter, amend, or change any information or rules as deemed necessary for the proper function and pay out of bonuses and winnings. There are additional general rules concerning additional conditions, benefits, and terms of bonuses that can be found in BetOnline’s general rules. All rules and conditions must be met to be eligible for this welcome bonus on

When it comes to the excitement of sports and sporting events, millions of people choose to place friendly wagers on the outcomes of these match ups. For all of these excitement seeking sports fans, why not earn bonus cash for their monetary support of their favorite sporting teams. One way to do this is by joining and taking advantage of the multitude of incentives and bonuses that they offer including the welcome bonus that active betters will receive just for joining this adrenaline pumping arena. Start earning extras as soon as the first deposit is made. Join BetOnline today to start taking advantage of the bonuses offered to new players as well as the multitude of other bonuses for being a part of this highly entertaining sports betting community. It only takes a few minutes to be on the way to big winnings and unforgettable sports betting excitement.


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